Wastewater Treatment In Philadelphia

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Wastewater Treatment In Philadelphia

The Process

WaterwasteTreatment in Philadelphia

Amy Nguyen H18

1. Preliminary TreatmentFirst, the grotty water flows through various sets of racks and screens. During this process the debris is removed in the racks and screens. The racks collects all of the rubbish and screens is heaved to a landfill off-site. Then wastewater sweep through basins. This allows ponderous particles to settle. For example a particle that is being settled is called grit. Grit is collected of materials. For instance materials such as sand and gravel that enter the plant through storm sewers.2. Primary TreatmentSecond, this treatment physcially removes mulitple solids in the wastewater. While the particles are being suspended, the wastewater emanates adagio through the primary sedimentation tanks. The heavier solids sink to the bottom; futhermore, the solids are abrade out. Scum and grease float on the top: in addition, the scum and grease are pumped into concertration tanks.3. Secondary TreatmentLastly, this treatment uses biotic processes to exclude all of the organic materials. For instance organic materials such as materials from living organisms that is still dissolved and floating around in the wastewater. Microbes, or microorganisms, are addded to the wastewater. The microbes, wastewater, and, air are combined in aeration tanks creating a environ for the microbes. The microorganisms eat the pollution. The wastewater flows to the final tank where remainings settle out. Then chlorine is added to kill disease-causing organisms that is floating around just before it hits the river.__________________________________________Recycling water is paramount in our society because we need water for numerous things in our everyday life. For example we need water for showers, washing dishes, drinking, etc. We don't want to catch any diseases from grotty water filled with bad organisms. Therefore we want to recycle clean water.

Wastewater Treatment Process

ways to save water:

save water from your taps

take short showers


use leftover water from your tub, stove, etc to plant your garden.


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