Wastewater Purification

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Wastewater Purification

Wasterwater TreatmentBy: Chasitty James

What is Water purification?

Why is water purification important in our society?



How is Chemistry involved in the process of recycling our drinking water?

Chemistry is involved in the process of recycling our water because they use chemicals and heating of the water to clean it. Also by helping it go through three treatments. Preliminary, primary, and secondary treatments.


Primary: Debris is removed, trash is removed and transfered to a landfill.Primary: Solids are physically removed.

Water purification is a treatment of water to make it safe and acceptable for human use. It takes out things like human waste (Yuck!), trash, and disease causing chemicals.

Secondary: removes organic materials.Before it is put into the river they use chlorine to kill bacteria.

Water purification is important in our society because without it our water would be contaminated. Who wants to drink and shower in dirty water!?

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