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There is to much waste

rubish bin

Polluted air

WASTEby Emily


The current Issueswe waste a lot a lot of usful items and it needs to be reduced. The average Australian throws away a load of rubish ( 500kg).

5 Ways to reduce waste1. sort your rubish to go in the right bins 2. use public transport regulary to reduce the air pollution 3. don't litter so rubish does not go into the sea 4. try and eat nude food5. take your own bags the super markt

Definitionsdefinition of waste: To comosum something and and throw away.definition of stewardship: to look after the world and others people.

FactsWe waste to much and need to reduce it.3 different bins are: recycle, trash and compostwe pollut in the air the water and on land

How to be a steward of God craetoinBy not wasting we can become Stewards of God"s creation. You can put things in the right bin and walk or ride to school . There are many ways to become a steward of Gods creation.

Where does our rubish end up

recycleing bin

Genesis chapter 1 and 2 "God created man in the image of himself, in the image of God he created him, male and female he created them."I chose this chapter of the bible because it shows that God ment the earth to not be filled with rubish. It shows that humans were made to take care of the earth and to care for one another.

Cool waste viedo



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