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1. each australians average waste throw away:330 kilograms of paper552 aluminum cans118 kilograms of plastic74 kilograms of metal414 kilograms of paper206 glass bottles/jars2. Every year in wales we throw away 4 milllion tonnes of rubbish. That`s enough to fill the millennium stadium every 20 days!

Wasteby Jack Joyce

India`s mounting e-waste woesAccording to the recent "global e-waste", compiled by UN think tank the united nation university (UNU), India is the fifth-largest e-waste producer in the world, churning out 1.7 million tonnes of the stuff every year out of the world's total production of 41.8 million tonnes. This may not be such a bad thing at first glance. After all, the US and China are the biggest polluters, totalling 32 percent of e-waste in the world compared to India's roughly 5 percent. (The top per capita churners of this stuff are all European countries, such as Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, Denmark, and the UK.)

Definition of WasteWaste can be used over, over and over again if we use it prople and can be made into engery.Definition of StewardshipIf we be stewards of gods creation we will be rewaded with a happy life.

Did You Know

5 tips How can we show we are being Stewards of God's creation

1. We can stop buying toys that we`re not going to use.2. We can recycle some things like boxes.3. Eat our food all the food we are given4. We might even be able to make energy out of it.5. We can stop putting rubbish in the wrong bin.

If you`re smart than don`t waste your waste because it such a waste


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