Waste Management

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Waste Management

Waste Management doesn’t only dispose of your typical trash that we get rid of every day. They also take care of all that stuff no normal person thinks about on a regular basis such as, “nearly all facets of waste treatment, including low-level nuclear, chemical, and asbestos cleanup; and daily garbage removal, waste reduction, and recycling. Waste Management has expanded its operations both technically and geographically, acquiring a host of sophisticated suppliers of trash-to-energy plants, pollution control equipment, and recycling services, while signing contracts with municipalities from Buenos Aires to Hong Kong.” The idea of this garbage disposal was thought of as early as the 1950’s. Two men; Dean L. Buntrock and H. Wayne Huizenga combined their waste companies in 1968, after overcoming the Solid Waste Disposal Act of 1965, to create Waste Management, Inc. Buntrock and Huizenga decided to go public in 1971 offering 320,000 shares. “From 1971 to 1980, WMI revenue grew at a rate of 48% per year. In 1979 earnings were almost 10% of sales.” Now, the 52week High/low range is 24.51 - 39.25.Waste Management is considering a merger with USA Waste, the number three waste company in the US.


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