[2015] cassandra koufos (6th Grade 15-16): Wassily Kandinsky

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[2015] cassandra koufos (6th Grade 15-16): Wassily Kandinsky

Wassily Kandinsky

Style of ArtMy artist was an abstract artist. The artist paints the painting and names it, but you kind of define it by what you see.

Wassily KandinskyMy artist's name was Wassily Kandinsky. He was an Abstract artist. He was born in Moscow,Russia on December 16, 1866 and died December 3, 1944.

World of my artist My artist was born during World War 1. This affected him and his artwork because shortly after the war, the Communists took over Russia.

Important PeopleMy artist was inspired by Impressionist artist paintings, especially Monet, he was a French painter.

Important Events Wassily became an art teacher at the Munich Academy of Arts.

Two Green Points

Colors Of Squares

Yellow Red and Blue

merry structure


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