[2014] Samantha Rios (Class of 2016): Washington DC

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[2014] Samantha Rios (Class of 2016): Washington DC

Why Washington DC is important ?

Presidents/White house

DC Timeline

. The Declaration of Independance was comfirmed on July 4th 1776 ( The Declaration was written because the colonies needed more freedom and independance) .The Constitution was written and signed in 1787 (The Constitution was written because the leaders lacked structure). DC was founded as the Nation's Capital in 1791. The first President John Adams, moved into the White House in 1800. In the early 1800s the British burned the White House

DC Monuments &Attractions

Washington DC is important because it has been the center of US history for centuries.

. It takes 570 gallons to paint the outside of the White House . George Washington and John Adams were the only two presidents in the 18th Century . There are 4 floors, 35 bathrooms, 147 windows and 132 rooms in the White House. The White House has been the home for all of the US presidents, except some say that George Washington did not live there


Extra Facts

. Tokoyo gave many cherry blossom trees to Washington DC to represent thier friendship . The Library of Congressis the biggest library in thecountry . Washington DC is not a city or state it is called a Federdal District .Washington DC was only meant to be a home for public officals. The people in Washington DC are called Washingtonians . Martin Luther King Jr. gave his ''I have a Dream'' speech in Washington DC on the steps of the Lincon Memorial

How Washington DC got its Name .The Name Washington is in Honor Of George Washington .DC stands for District of Columbia .The Name Columbia comes from Christopher Columbus

Washington DC


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