[2010] chris catanach: Warts

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[2010] chris catanach: Warts


What are Warts?Warts are skin growths caused by the human paillomavirus (HPV), which resides in the stratum basale, reproducing cells rapidly like a benign tumor. the disease can affect the epidermis through cracks or breaks in the skin. Warts are isolated only in the epidermis. Warts are hard to treat because the body has a difficult time telling the difference between the virus and the regular cells. The common wart types are flat, plantar, filiform, and periungal warts.

Picture of all wart types.

Picture of the common wart. Common warts can grow anywhere on the body.

Picture of a plantar wart a type of wart that grows on the bottom of the feet.

The medical term for warts is verruca vulgaris.


Integumentry system Disease


Infographic explaining what causes warts, common wart types, and treatment for warts.

A description on what warts are and why they can continue to come back.

Follow this site to learn more about the human paillomavirushttp://www.cdc.gov/std/hpv/stdfact-hpv.htm

Infographic showing the structure of the wart, statistics about who has them, and basic info.

Picture of a periungual wart, only grow on the digits.

picture of filiform or flat wart. They usually grow on the face area.

Read this article to better understand the origin of warts and how they effect the skin.http://www.jessicahart.net/helpful-guide-to-warts-and-what-causes-them/


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