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Wartimes Post

The Wartimes Post

American News Headlines

German News Headlines

Big News: Large German Batallion Retreats from Western Europe after Brittish airstrikes and large casualities

Top Story: Americans Push On Through Bastogne

A certain group of American Soldiers have had a very interesting journey throughout this war. An airborne division with training done in the heat of Atlanta. After D-Day, the group went to islands southwest of London. The batallion has been marching through dangerous areas with lots of smarts and pride. Recently, the 17th Airborne Infantry DIvision took position outside of Bastogne, and drove large

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An interview with General PattonReporter Harris: Nice to meet you General Patton.Patton: Let's finish this quick, I've got oreders to giveHarris: People want to know aht it's like to be in the war. How do you and your batallion spend your days?P: Most of the time, we dig trenches and protect ourselves from the cold. Ifit's not that, we're fighting the enemy.H: What difference does being in the cold make?P: It has a alrge effect on your physical being. Staying underground makes it a little warmer, but the conditions are not easy.H: How do you stay warm?P: Teamwork. Keeping your foot warm means you'll have to keep another soldier warm. We manage to survive without many resources.H: What types of food do you eat? P: Lots of SPAM, Biscuits, and cheese. It miay not sound good, but any food is enough. H: One more question, do you think you know when this gruesome war will be over?P: No idea, but hopefully soon. Everyday I survive is a blessing.H: Well, thank you General, and please get back to saving lives.P: No Problem. It was nice to meet you.

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Hitler Encourages Germans, Aimed Towards Hitler Youth

Recently, it has become obvious that the German army is starting to get overwhelmed. With Russia raiding from the east and the Americans and British in the west. the numbers are getting smaller, so Hitler made some statements to encourage his army and his young warriors. In his speech, he spoke about the importance of the war, and how Germany will be on top of the world. He gave many medals to Hitler Youth leaders. The increasing rate of young boys dying on the battlefield is scary. As Germany seems to be starting it's fall, Hitler continues to brainwash children, showing how violence is a solution.

By Brooks McConnellPer.42/16/16


amounts of German forces out of the area. Unfortunately, the division lost many of its younger soldiers, like 18 year olds Spence Morgan, Ted Draney, and Vic Barela. Our prayers are with their families in grief of their fallen heroes. Hopefully, there will be more positive news in the future from this company, as they prepare to keep fighting this disgusting war.

Two days ago, I spoke with 16 year old german soldier Dieter Hedrick. He told me his story from the bed of a hospital, recovering from multiple gunshots. He told me about his road to the battlefield, and eventually getting shot. He was still a little shaken up, however I feel that his tale has to be told. He spoke to me quietly, so he wouldn't get in trouble. He told me how his mentor, Johann Schaefer, was killed in an attempt to take back an important forest that would supply a great hiding spot. "Many German soldiers were lying on a hill, dead or almost dead. I was moaning throughout the night, crying for Schaefer." Hedrick then had to whisper, in fear of being heard by german officials."Schaefer was old and wise, and the night before our attack, he told me that he knew the German's ways of thinking were wrong. I had my gun up to his chest, ready to shoot had he betrayed the Fuhrer any more. Laying here in bed, I've realized that he was correct, and that Jews are not bad at all." After talking to him, I concluded that the Germans aren't totally brainwashed, and that there is still hope they'll stand down.



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