[2018] Cooper Kean: Wartime

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[2018] Cooper Kean: Wartime

Egyptian Soldier



- Standing very still, Mdjai watches the sun rise, but the only thing on his mind is how his new sandals make his feet hurt and how much longer he can hold his spear steady. - As a soldier and one of the pharaoh's elite bodyguards, he has already been up for hours.- In another hour, hes relieved for breakfast. It's the same every day  a piece of bread. No peanut butter or jelly for Mdjai, just bread. If he's lucky it won't be too stale. The officers always get the best rations.- After breakfast, Mdjai does drill practice on a plain outside Thebes. After his unit has been yelled at by their superiors, they go on maneuvers, practicing charges and battle formations with the rest of his division - a total of 5,000 men.-

- After a short break in the late afternoon, the company marches back to its barracks to clean their kit and get some supper. The sun is now beginning to go down but the day is far from over for Mdjai. Instead, it's ending as it begun: on sentry duty at the palace, guarding the pharaoh.- Mdjai does not have a wife, so he lives in the barracks, a miserable and barren place. All that is there for him is a bed and a place to rest his head between very long days.

Mid Day

- The entire division is on the plain in battle formation of centers and wings. Everyone is involved. Mdjai and the other elite archers, the spear men (always the first to die in battle) and the chariots. It's tiring but fun: the excitement of battle, but none of the danger. After a bad start to the day, finally Mdjai feels like a soldier again.- After the maneuvers, the soldiers stop for lunch. Today, the rations are lentils and garlic, with some Syrian bread - popular in the army since they discovered it while on service there years ago.- As Egypt is currently at peace, there is little fighting to do. So after lunch, his company of 200 men is deployed to work on a government project. Today, they are digging an irrigation canal on farmland belonging to one of the big temples. It's hot work and Mdjai can feel the sweat trickling down his back. Still, it could be worse - his friends in another company have been told to carry stones up a mountain for the pharaoh's tomb.


- The Egyptian soldiers seldom wore armor. Their main form of defense was a shield. When they did wear armor it was in the form of hardened leather straps.- The Egyptians used the composite bow that they learned about from the Hyksos. They could shoot arrows over 600 feet killing many enemies from long distance. - The foot soldiers, also called the infantry, were armed with a variety of weapons including spears, axes, and short swords.


- The army was often used for tasks other than fighting. After all, if Pharaoh was going to feed all these men, he was going to get some use out of them during times of peace. - The army worked the fields during planting and harvest time. They also worked as laborers on a lot of the construction such as palaces, temples, and pyramids



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