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Castle Square Warsaw's Castle Square is a historic square in front of the Royal Castle - the former official residence of Polish monarchs.It's surrounded by historic townhouses. The column to King Sigismund III Vasa was built in 1644. It's the oldest and one of the symbolic monuments of the city.

Royal Castle The Castle serves as the Museum and is subordinated to the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. Many official visits and state meetings are also held in the Royal Castle.

Saint Martin's churchSt. Martin's Church is a church located on Piwna Street in the capital's Old Town. Its facade is baroque, although the interior is completely modern.

Warsaw barbicanThe barbican was erected in 1540 in place of an older gate to protect Nowomiejska Street. During World War II the barbican was largely destroyed. Most of the barbican was rebuilt.

Chopin StatueChopin Statue stands in the upper part of Warsaw's Royal Baths Park The statue was cast and erected in 1926 It was the first monument that was destroyed by the occupying Germans in Warsaw.

The Warsaw Uprising MuseumThe Warsaw Uprising Museum is a museum dedicated to the Warsaw Uprising of 1944. It collects and maintains hundreds of artifacts,for example weapons or love letters, in order to present a full picture of the people involved.

Tomb of the Unkown SoldierThe Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is a monument in Warsaw, Poland, dedicated to the unknown soldiers who have given their lives for Poland.

Krakowskie przedmieścieKrakowskie Przedmieście is one of the best known and most prestigious streets of Poland's capital, surrounded by historic palaces, churches and manor-houses.

Belweder Belweder is a palace in Warsaw, a few kilometers south of the Royal Castle. The President of the Republic of Poland resides at Belweder.

Theatre SquareTheatre Square is a major square in the Śródmieście district of Warsaw.Landmarks on the square include The Great Theatre and The Jabłonowski Palace

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