Warn't Ever Sorry for it - Episode 4

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Language Arts
Reading Comprehension

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Warn't Ever Sorry for it - Episode 4

Robbers/Murderers: Huck and Jim run into a sinking ship on the river and Huck wants to explore it, go on an adventure. On the ship, they find robbers, two of them trying to kill one of them. None of them trust each other and would do anything to their fellow robbers to get more money. These white robbers show how bad whites can be and constrast how good blacks like Jim can be.The Watchman: Huck goes to the watchman to try to get him to save the robbers. He only wants to help after Huck lies saying there is a lot of money involved. This also contrasts how bad white morals can be with how blacks like Jim can have good morals.

Huck goes from a 12 year old boy living with a runaway slave going towards freedom to a 12 year old boy living with a runaway slave going deep into the Southern slave states. Huck progresses in his morals because he realizes the trick he played on Jim had consequences and made Jim upset. He realizes that his actions have consequences. He also deals with morals when they leave the robbers on the sinking ship, Huck wants to save them. Huck is clearly still a little boy at heart and still comparing himself to Tom Sawyer, taking an adventure by exploring the sinking ship the robbers are on. Overall, Huck changes into a boy that is more understanding of the world around him and how his own decisions affect people.

Episode 4 (Ch. 12-15)"Warn't Ever Sorry for It"

Setting: Episode 4 takes place on the Mississippi River, past a fork in the river where there is an island called Cairo that can take them North to the free states.

1) What is right and wrong?2) How do your actions impact others?

Essential Questions:

New Characters:

Huck's Evolution:

Huck and Jim's discussion is supposed to make Jim look stupid but it actually points out his good morality, despite being a black slave. When King Solomon decides to settle an argument between two mothers by cutting the baby the were fighting with in half, Jim thinks he is very stupid because there is no value in a half of a child, showing his morals Huck has yet to understand. When Huck tells Jim the dauphin of France could not have come to America because he does not speak English, Jim is very confused. When Huck tries to explain to him using the fact that animals do not speak English, Jim says that humans are not animals, even though he, as a black slave as seen as less than an animal, as property. This also shows his morals that Huck has yet to understand.

Allusions: King Solomon and the Dauphin of France


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