war of independence

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war of independence

Reasons We Won the War

.. or how the underdogs took the cake

The guerrilla tactics that the Americans learned during Indian wars were very helpful when fighting the british army.Milita men struck abbruptly, from behind trees and fences, then oftenly disappeared into the woods again. It was difficult for the British to spot the Americans in their common atire.

Their inability to protect the countryside The British found it difficult to protect the loyalists from the fury of patriots, who at times would tar and feather the loyalists an dmurder the thus who remained worshiping the king.


The intervention of France, Spain, and the Netherlands made a crucial difference in the Revolutionary War.Though the United States could have alredy won the revolutionary war without these countries in alli.

America would not have won the war if it weren't for the popular support of the thousands of farmers, artisans, and laborors who gave up their lives and joining the milita.This was the single most important reason America won the war. If these men and women and slaves did not join the milita, the revolutionary war would have failed miserably.

Even before the revolutionary war, the anger of the radical colonists was building up. When the war officially started, the upset radicals wanted to express their emotions and that helped them win.








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