[2015] Dominik Wator: War of Eagles

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[2015] Dominik Wator: War of Eagles

War of Eagles By Eric Walter

The first strategy I used was writting a book summary as I was reading, jotting down notes then writting a summary about the book after I was done. This helped me because I understood the book better and as I was reading I didnt get lost. Another reason this helped me was because if I forgot what happend I would have the summary to look back on.

Another strategy I used was making a character trait chart about the characters this helped me by knowing who the characters are and how they act and what kind of personalitys they have. Another reason this helped me was because I could understand the characters more and have a beter feel for the book.

There are 2 main characters; Tadashi and jed. They come from different cultures, they are best Friends. In Canada they dont love Japanese. Altough Tadashis family are japanese, they dont eccept this. One day Japanese attack Pearl Harbour and war begins between two countries. Tadashi and his family leave the country. Jed looks after an eagle and calles him eddy. Tadashi gets shot because the guards think he is a spy. Jed finds out and thinks that Tadashi is the eagle.

"We were good enough that we did"nt need to talk".(Walters 16)

"They don't treat the Tsimshian much different then they treat the Japanese".(Walters 103)

1st Strategy

2nd Strategy




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