War of 1812

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War of 1812

War of 1812

Effects of the War of 1812The United States gained much more respect from other countries. A great military development also came from the War of 1812. The war also contributed to the demise of the Federalist Party.

Causes of the War of 1813One cause of the War of 1812 was British blockades. France and Great Britain were at war together and Great Britain didn't want the United States to help supple France with food and supplies. Another cause of the war is that Americans believed that the British were pushing the Native Americans to fight the settlers. American that that the British were trying to stir up trouble between the British and the settlers. The British were forcing impressment on American sailors. The British impressed American sailors and forced them to work on British ships. In the time between 1803 and 1812, British impressed about 6000 American sailors.

Fact #1The War of 1812 was declared on June 18, 1812.

Fact #3Another name for the War of 1812 is the Revolutionary War Part II.

Fact #4The Treaty of Ghent is what ended the War of 1812.

Fact #2There were 286730 troops engaged in battle and 2260 of those troop died.

VIP #1- TecumsehTecumseh was a Shawnee Chief. He was the leader of a large Native American group that opposed American territorial expansion. Tecumseh fought with the British.

VIP #2- Andrew JacksonAndrew Jackson was a major general in the US during the War of 1812. He prepared defenses for an impending British attack in New Orleans. He later went of the become the 7th president of the US.


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