War of 1812

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War of 1812

--Third President of the United States--Served 2 terms in office--Organized the Democratic-Repblican party--Oversaw the purchase of the Louisiana territory--Sent the Lewis and Clark Expedition to explore the new west--The U.S. doubled in size during his presidency--Established the Embargo Laws as economic warfare against Britain but only hurt American trade--Initiated the process of relocating Indian tribes to the west of the Mississippi River--Promoted Agrarian interests and wanted to limit federal government power

Agrarian Ideology

-- Purchased by the United States (Jefferson) from France to pay off debt from the Napoleonic War-- Cost the U.S. treasury $15 million--Jefferson expanded his presedential power to purchase it--Lewis and Clark expedition was a secret voyage to survey the land--Expanded territory means increased federal government, opposite of Jefferson's Agrarian ideals

-- Democracy needs self-reliant virtous workers -- Yeoman farmers are equal and independent who are chosen by god. They are not greedy and uncorruptible--Cheap land and expensive labor eliminates heirarchy--Wanted to reverse federalist policies--For the deminishment of governement

Louisiana Purchase

War of 1812 Connection

Learning Target

LT2: I can explain the relationship between Jefferson's Republican Agrarianism and the War of 1812

Republican Agrarianism & The War of 1812

Thomas Jefferson

Key Terms:

Yoeman FarmersRepublican AgrarianLouisiana PurchaseLewis and Clark Expedition

Jefferson envisioned an agrarian society that used diplomacy rather than military force to execute American foreign policy. Therefore he reduced the size of both the American Army and Navy. His issue of the Embargo Act of 1807 did more harm because American farmers and manufactorers had no outlets to sell their goods. Critics say his decisions damaged the economy and left America unprotected. The War of 1812 was a conflict between America and Britain caused partially by British violations of American shipping rights such as the impressment of sailors.


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