War of 1812

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War of 1812

You Should Be Able To

Oliver Hazard Perry, captain of the American fleet in the Battle of 1812, was just about as prepared for war as a seventh grade history student like you! With no naval training, he led a crew almost destined to fail against the enemy. The United States was woefully unprepared for this war. The army consisted of fewer than 7,000 soldiers, few trained officers, and a navy with just 6 warships. In contrast, Britain had nearly 400 warships (1).

Create Your Own Victory Letter!

9/10/1813 7:00 am - Who was spotted that made Perry give chase? 11:45 pm- What first signified that the battle had begun?1:00 pm - What major event happened that caused Perry to have his "Don't Give Up the Ship" pennant?1:00-3:00 pm - What error by the British happened at this time?

Identify why Oliver Hazard Perry and his American fleet won a battle that they were predestined to lose!


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Battle of 1812: The Most Unprepared WIN!


What Was the Timeline for the Battle?

Battle of Lake Erie

Look at Perry's victory letter to the left. He mentions he won but did not say how. Re-write his letter explaining how he won against the British.


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