WAR OF 1812

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WAR OF 1812

The War of 1812, which was the war between the Unites States and the greatest naval power in the world, Great Britain, began in June of 1812 when Congress declared war. Many events led to the declaration of this war, but the key reasons were because British and France were interfering with American trade and the continued impressment of American soldiers. In the begining of the war, it was evident that the United States was ill-prepared, seeing that the capacity of the warships (16) and the army (fewer that 7,00) was at a minimum. Many events occured during the war, including the British blockade of the American coast that was set up. During the war, numerous battles, both on land and sea, were fought at different locations. The United State suffered many defeats at the hands of the British, French, and Native Americans. This included the burning of several government buildings, such as Washington D.C. in August, 1814, and America's invasion of Canada, during which over 2,000 American soldiers were captured by the British.However, the Americans were able to rebel the British and Native Americans in some battles, including the ones that took place in New York, New Orleans, Baltimore. In addition, the battle on Lake Erie ended with the Americans causing the British to leave the U.S. and retreat back into Candada. On Christamas Eve of 1814, the Treaty of Ghent was signed, by the two side, thus, ending the war.However, the news that the treaty was signed failed to reach the United States in a timely manner, which resulted in another war being fought and won ny the Americans in January, 1815.When the news of the peace treaty arrived, the Hartford Convention (which allowed New England delegates to discuss the fate of New England) was promptly put to stop.


- The British continued to arm Native Americans in the Northwest- Native Americans attacked frontier settlements- American soldiers were repetitively impressed by the British- American merchant ships were attacked and seized by Britain and France.



- European nation would now treat America with respect- American patriotism was heightened- Americans gained confidence in the capability of their country to defend itself against a great country- The power of Native Americans destabilized


The War of 1812 was also referred to as the Second War for Independence because the ended Britain's interference with American's independence. For example, the British posittioned the forts on U.S. territory, which they would use to arm Native Americans to attack American settlers. After the war, the British ceased these actions. The War of 1812 also brought about national pride in America.


On September 13, 1814, a young American lawyer named Francis Scott Key watched the attack of Fort McHenry from a British warship. At the crack of dawn, Key saw that the American flag, which was positioned on top of the fort, was full of holes, but still flew. This sight inspired him to write a poem, which he titled "The Star-Spangled Banner." As the poem became widely known, it was set to music. Eventually, in 1931, Congress made "The Star-Spangled Banner" the national anthem of the United States.



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