War of 1812

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War of 1812

Causes of the War•French and British Impressment•Violation of Free Trade Policy•War Hawks•War between French and British•Failure of the Embargo Act

Star-Spangled BannerAfter the Battle of Baltimore, Francis Scott Key wrote the song "The Star-Spangled Banner" He wrote it to emphasis American Pride.

SummaryNeither the British nor the French respected American neutrality and wanted us to pick a side. They started capturing and enslaving American ships and sailors. This is called impressment. Congressman called war hawks wanted war against the British and president James Madison finally consented and asked congress to wage war on Britain.In the war each side had their own impressive victories, for example, the British blockade and the U.S. victory in Baltimore but in the end it was the U.S. that came out on top.


The War of 1812 was called the Second War for Independence because it showed that the U.S. could unite not only to gain indepedence but to keep it. Also, because Americans believe the British forced them to defend their honor and sovereignty.

Effects of the War•The U.S. gained international respect for being able to win against Britain•Citizens gained moral confidence•Increased American patriotism and nationalism•Native Americans who sided with the British were weakened•U.S. manufacturing grew

Battle of BaltimoreA major battle in the war that prevented British headquarters from being set up in Baltimore

Batttle of the ThamesA very decisive U.S. victory over British and Native American forces in Ontario, Canada, solidifying U.S. control over the Northwest.





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