War of 1812

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War of 1812

The Creek WarDuring the Creek War Creek Indians got mad and killed close to 250 of Fort Mim's defenders. To oppose this Andrew Jackson attacked the Creek and Jackson's troops won the battle. The Creek Indians were forced to sign the Treaty of Fort Jackson giving up millions of arces of land.

Mian IdeaGreat Britian and the Us went to battle in the War of 1812.

Chapter 8 Section 4

British Attacks in the EastThe British attacked Washington D.C. and President Madison was forced to flee. British set fire to the whitehouse, the capitol, and many other government buildings. Britished tried to take Fort McHenry but the Americans wouldn't give up.

Battles along the Canadian BorderThe Us planned 3 attacks on Canada. The first two failed but in the third we won a key part, Lake Erie. Once Lake Erie was under control General Harrison marched his troops into Canada. Harrison's men also defeated British at Thames River this gave the Us control of the whole Northwest. Somewhere in all the fighting Tecumseh was killed this ended the alliance with Native Amemericans.

Battle of Lake Erie-a battle beginning Septembber 10 1812The Treaty of Fort Jackson- signed in late 1814, endeed the Creek War and forced the creekto give up millions of acres of land.Battle of New Orleans- made Andrew Jackson a hero and was the last major conflict of the war of 1812.Hardford Convention- where federalists agreed to oppose the war and send delegates to meet with congressTreaty of Ghent- which had been signed in Belgium on December 24, 1814, ended the war os 1812

War at SeaGreat Britian and America went to war at sea. Although Great Britian had more total ships and none of the Us ships could match thier best ship they were sprawled all over the globe. When the Us went in a consentrated group they were extremely strong. Great Britian began to lose ships and it embarasseed them a lot, this also raised Us's morale.

The Battle of New OrleansAfter attacking Washington D.C. the British tried to capture New Orleans so they could control the Mississippi River. The British highly outnumbered the Americans but the British were caught on an open field and lost aroud 2,000 people vs. Americans who lost around 70.

Affects of the WarBefore The Battle of New Orleans the New England Federalists gathered secretly and chooose to send delegates to Congress to oppose the war. Before they reached Washington though they heard the war had already ended. Many people laughed at the Federalists and the overall party lost a lot of political power.


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