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War literature

The Sniper

"The Sniper" is a story about a soldier whose family was torn apart by war. He is on top of a building defending his side and preparing to shoot the enemy, but suddenly, the enemy gets him first. He is shot in the arm but is determined and keeps going. He ends up coming up with a plan to kill the attacker even though he only has one good arm. After he shoots the man, he runs across to the other side because he is curious as to who he shot. When he arrives over there, he flips the body only to find out it was his brother.

Thoughts of Hanoi

"Thoughts of Hanoi" is a poem about a man who misses his home and wishes the war would end. He questions if everything has changed or is some aspects have stayed the same. He describes how life was before the war and he hopes it didn't change. He also hopes the war won't tear his family apart the way it has done to others.


"Chickmauga" is a story about a young boy who is both deaf and mute. His mother allows him to go into the woods to play with his wooden sword. Because he wandered off, he got lost. As a frightened child even a bunny rabbit scares him. He falls asleep and when he wakes up, he sees a whole troop of men coming through the woods with their faces blown off. As a child, he sees this as a game and describes the men as "clowns." He leads the men through the woods and they come across a stream. The soldiers are so thristy they allow their heads to go completely under but are too weak to pick themselves up and they drown. The boy then sees flames through the trees and follows the glow. He realizes it is his house on fire. He gets there and sees a woman on the ground with her bloody brain all around her. Upon seeing this he begins making odd sounds due to him being mute. We can infer the woman was his mother.

ThemeAll the stories have the same initial theme: war will tear families apart. Though each story has a seperate plot, we know that each one deals with death or the possibility of a loss in a family or between families.


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