War in the Sky

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Social Studies
World War I

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War in the Sky

War In TheSky

Billy Bishop

Aircraft Footage

Planes changes the dynamic of the war

Billy Bishop is a Canadian Ace with the most kills, a total of 72.

There were many pluses to being a fighter piolit such as better food, better status, nicer uniforms, beds to sleep in, and better machinery. Although you got all these things men still did not want to sign up, they called it a "suicide service" because a lot of them would not make it back home.

later machine guns wereadded and piolits began to drop grenades on enemy troops.

airplanes were initiallyused for reconnaisanceand spotting artillery

The historical significance of the aircraft is now there are heavy duty planes built for war, and planes people can travel in.

An airforce recruitment poster makes men want to join by saying "share their honour and glory"


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