War in the Skies and on the Seas

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Social Studies
World War I

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War in the Skies and on the Seas

War in the Skies and on the Seas

Total of 117 types of planes.First war with air warefare

-The Fokker Scourge -German plane -First fighter plane in history with an “interrupter gear”. This meant a machine gun could be fired through the propeller of the ww1 aircraft without hitting the rotating blades.

"Bloody April"245 Planes200 Pilots100 Prisoners

German U-Boats(Under sea boat)

-Extremely effective-Merchant ships-Destroyed 50% of British ships


Sea Mines-Under the surface-sit there for someone to hit it-last for months

Zeppelin Balloons-Full of Helium-Flammable-Used mostly for a look out-Made air warefare more difficult

Sea Battles

Red BaronManfred Von RichthofenGerman pilotTop Ace80 air combat victories

Jasta 2Jasta 11Jagdgeschwader 1


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