War Horse

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War Horse

This story takes place during World War 1, from 1914 to 1918 (4 years). It also tells the story througout many countries such as Germany, France and England, considering that this horse was used by the army.

Main Characters

Coy Harris

War Horse

by:Michael Morpurgo

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1st period

Book summary


The main characters of this book are:AlbertNarracott- the man that raised Joey (the horse) since he was a boy.Joey- Alberts horse Tedd Narracott- Alberts fatherRose Narracott- Alberts mother.Captain James Nicholls- The man that bought Joey (Alberts horse) for 40 pounds and was killes in action while riding Joey.

This story shows a young boy and his horse and the incredible bond they have.Alberts father buys him a horse when he is 13 years old.From the first time they met Joey (the horse which Albert named him) loved Albert and his gentle nature.Later on Alberts father sells the horse to a British calvary.While in the army Joey inspires many people and witnesses alot of danger.Albert however, inlists in the British army and does everything he can to find his beloved horse.

I would definately recommend this book. I absolutely loved the things Albert and Joey go through just to see each other again.


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