War Horse

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War Horse

Author: Michael Morpurgo

Title: WarHorse

SettingsThe book takes place in World War 2 in Europe.

CharactersJoey he is the WarHorse he is emotional when it comes to friends and family he is brave because he has been through a lot. Albert he is Joeys owner he is emotional when something is or about to happen to Joey he is brave because he went to war as a17 year old boy just so he could find Joey.Topthorn he is one of Joeys friends while he is in the war he is very brave because while there in the front lines he is not scared at all and when Joey is scared he comforts him so he is not scared.

Ashton Kehrli

Problem, conflict

Is when Joey gets taken into to the army everyone was and when Joey was hurt and almost then when he was almost sold again from Albert when they were leaving the war.

I liked the book a lot because it is intriguing and it had suspence and everything like that and it had army things in it so i liked it a lot and i would recommend it to anyone.

Minor CharactersAlberts father he gets drunk a lot and would be kind of mean to Joey and he doesnt really care about other people feelings. Alberts mother she is nice and she thinks about other peoples feelings when Alberts father go drunk she would protect Joey and Albert if his father went nuts.

ClimaxThe main suspence is when Joey was trying to figure out if that person was Albert and not some guy who sounded like Albert.

Review: I read this book when i was eleven, and loved it.

Resolution: The resolution is when Joey and Albert are leaving the Army and Albert married his girlfriend and took over the farm.

Well Joey trys to help Topthorn when he is dying infront of Joey then he gets chased and runs for days trying to find a unit to stay with and he gets hurt and everything then two units find him and flip a coin for Joey one unit won he went to that unit then they shipped him to where Albert was and everything was good again.


Auther MessageThe Authers message is where if you love something set it free and it will return

Quote from bookMy earliest memories are a confusion of hilly fields and dark,damp stables. said Joey PG 7.

My Thoughts About The Book.


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