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War Heroes


Joshua Pichardo joined the army when he was 17. He did it because he needed to support his family and he had a baby on the way. In the army he would use the quip why they had at his specific job to contact and talk to his family. He would go and use the equipment late at night when everyone was sleeping and talked to his family. He said that he's had many memorable and amazing times there. One was when he had to leave and say goodbye to his two year old daughter and wife. Another was when he said that they blew up a testing tank. He's also spoken about the many new equipment he had seen like a stealth plane flying across the sky and that it reassured him and told him that if he had that on his side, the enemy can't win.

Mr. Martinez joined when he was twenty three. He was disciplined and taught well in the army. One of his most memorable moments was when he was going home and he saw his family in the crowd and rejoined with them. They hugged each other and they also were about to cry. Mr. Martinez connected with his family through his laptop and equipment at the army. They kept in touch on how he was doing and how was the army. He said that he has been allied with women in the army.

Mr. Degiaco joined the army when he was young and about to join college. He joined because he was told that in college, it wouldn't be paid for him to go. He had seen women of higher rank in the army after years of working there. He said that his most memorable moment was when he was taken on bus to Into Parris Island and he knew he was in for a lot when they immediately started working and training. To communicate with his family in earlier years, he wrote letters or used the army equivalent of Payphones that had been everywhere. He spoke about the regulations and rules the army has about what to and what not to post in social media or tell to the public because it can spread.


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