[2014] troytheboy (Grade 6A 2014): War Child

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[2014] troytheboy (Grade 6A 2014): War Child

In other war driven countries they help by teaching moms and dads how to work so they can bring home an income. They also teach kids because they don't have schools to learn. Another thing they do is help justice organizations (police) to help decreased crime, bring justice to people who do commite a crime and build legal structures like jails.

War Child

It started when two doctors helping in war zones (Samantha Nutt and Eric Hoskins) wanted to help. Sam started calling with her cell phone to advertise and raise money. Then they started hiring people to call and raise more money. But what really kicked them off was when The Canadian Muscic Industry held a concert with War Child and 80,000 people raised $500,000 at that concert.

Since there is no war in Canada they raise money by calling or having events like concerts.

What they do in other countries

What it does in Canada

How it started

It helps improve the qualityof people it help by saving kids from fighting in wars and also by teaching momsand dads. They teach the parents by showing themhow to work so they can improve the life of their child.

I can help by donating. You can donate by going on their website or go to their event to donate.

How can I help

Their main base ofoperations is foundin Toronto Canada they are located in different countriestoo.


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