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War Brothers

War BrothersBy: Sharon E. Mckay and Daniel Lafrance

This book is about a boy named Jacob. He lives by Gulu, and is paert of the Acholi tribe. When he returned for school, the LRA captured him. His father is incharge of the parents commity and they await for him to save them. When Jacob and his friends discover that they would be killed, they flee the camp. Along his journey, Jacob realized that the world is a ery cruel place. He thought when he returned home that he would be welcomed. Everyone feared him, and they all thought that he killed as a terrorist. In the end, Jacob's friends Tony, Norman, and Paul get a fresh start. They move to a new school, so that people will not know about their past. Jacob stays with his father, and he has not fully recovered. As time progressed, life became asier for Jacob and his family.



The heme of War Brothers is that even when things may seem like they are going completely wrong, anything can go your way. This showed throughout the entire book. They survived long enought to escape the LRA. During the whole book, they faced adversity. They were beaten, starved, and forced to walk for miles on end.


Jacob is the main character in this book. He goes through adversity throughout the entire book. He is not a very tough, hardened soldier. He is respectable though. When his friend was help captive, instead of leaving he saved him. They then left together.

War Brothers takes place in Uganda in 2002. Jacob lives in a tribe nearby the city of Gulu. The book is at a school and also in the wilderness.

War Brothers is a very well written book. Sharon E. Mckay. There is a lot of action throughtout the book. If you are not interested in war, then this book is not for you. The illustrations all throughout the book are fantastic. It made me want to keep reading



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