Wanted:Tree of Heaven

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Environmental Studies

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Wanted:Tree of Heaven


Tree of Heaven


Why is it wanted?Wanted for taking up other species' habitats and for damaging pavements and building foundations; particularly in cities. The tree also produces a chemical that is toxic to many living organisms.

Map:The Tree of Heaven can thrive in many environments. For this reason, it is quite threatening as an invasive species. It's major presence is in the southeastern United States. There is a Tree of Heaven invasion in parts of New Jersey (where I live).

How it got to the scene:The Tree of Heaven was brought over the the United States from China in the 1700's. A gardener brought it over to Pennsylvania to use as a shade tree and to cultivate it. Because the tree multiplies very quickly, and because there were no species to control its growth here in the US, the Tree of Heaven has become a dangerous invasive species.

How to aprenhend the criminal:There are two effective ways to get rid of Trees of Heaven:1. Pull / dig up seedlingsOne must be careful to fully remove all parts of the seedlings, because the plant can sprout from nearly any piece of itself that's left behind.2. Use herbicidesWhen using herbicides, one must keep in mind their effects on other organisms in the area.

Who is it harming?For the most part, other trees are suffering the most from the Tree of Heaven Invasion. Oak and Birch are particularly susceptible. The tree chokes other plant species and takes up all their space. It also naturally produces a sort of herbicide that kills certain plants and causes allergic reactions in humans.

How does it get around?Too easily. The Tree of heaven has powerful roots that surge through the ground. It can also produce up to 325,000 seeds a year that can spread all over the place. Lastly, the tree can basically reproduce from any part of itself that gets chopped off. If a fallen branch makes its way into another area, the tree will multiply in that area.


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