Wanted Woodrow Wilson

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Wanted Woodrow Wilson


Do you relize what President Wilson has done? President Woodrow Wilson has violated the constitution. He states that "The president should have absolute authority to censor the press in event of the war to make it federal crim to promote the sucess of the americans enemies and to close the mail to any materail deemed, and it is absolutly nessesary to the public safety." This violates the constitution by not allowing freedom of press in amendment 1. We did not know it at the time, but we do now. Now it is your job to help us catch him. We choose our presidents not to violate the constitution but to follow it and help our country.

If you find Woodrow Wilson the reward will be a 10,000 dollar check along with wilson sentenced to 10 years of jail.


Emily Smakosz

(Dead or Alive)



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