[2015] Marisa P.: Wanted: Tantalum

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[2015] Marisa P.: Wanted: Tantalum

Tantalum can be found in electronics, medicine, doctor tools, and engineering.

Atomic Weight: 180.9479 Atomic number: 73 Density 5.918 % in earth’s crust: 0.00017% % in ocean: 2×10-10% % in universe: 8.×10-9% Melting point 3017 °C

Who: Anders G. Ekeberg When: 1802 Where: Uppsala, Sweden


Where can it be found.

~Tantalum is highly ductile and highly conductive of both electricity and heat. ~It is believed that tantalum is found in the Earth's crust between one and two parts per million.~Most of the tantalum used commercially is in its powdered form for building electronics. ~Tantalum has been studied as a potential salting agent in nuclear weapons, which would increase the radioactive fallout and affect a wider area.

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Wanted Tantalum


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