Wanted: Sturnus vulgaris

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Wanted: Sturnus vulgaris

European StarlingShape & SizeStarlings are chuncky sized birds. with short tails and long slender beaks. in flight there wings are pointed making them look rather small.Color Pattern:At a distance, starlings look black. In summer they are purplish-green with yellow beaks. In winter they are brown, covered in white spots.Behavior:Starlings are loud birds. They often travel in groups. They also search the grass for food. They are sometimes resented for there agressiveness.Habitat: They are common in towns, suburbs, and the country side by human settlements


Sturnus vulgarisEvan Raye

The Starling breed started in Norway and Western Serbia. In the winter they migrate to as far as North Africa and India, as well as North America and and in all of which all places its population has rapidly incresed

Commited Crimes:People complain that they are getting into their trash.also huge flocks of them make noise and poop on unsuspecting people

Reward:Less People getting pooped on


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