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Chemical Elements

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Wanted: Fe

Chemical symbol: FeAtomic number: 26Contains: 26 protons, 30 neutrons, and 26 electrons.Contains: 8 isotopes in all

Iron can be found within most of the earths crust surrounded by other metals like cobalt and magnese. Iron is the most abundant element in the universe meaning it can be found almost anywhere naturally formed.

Iron makes up 34.6% of the earth's crust. Traces of iron can be found within, meat, wheat products, and vegatables.

Iron's melting point is 1536 degrees celcius.Iron cannot b oil until it is melted and after this irons boiling point is 2861 degrees celcius.


Iron is contained within group 7 of the periodic table and period 4. Iron can normally be found in a solid form, unless melted under extreme temperature.

Iron comes in many shapes and shapes, sizes, volumes, and masses. Iron has a grey tint to it which sometimes can come very dark or very light. Iron usually forms wihin the earth's crust or other solid stone or elements.

Iron has many uses in our everyday lives today. Iron can be used as an ingrediant in nutrional pills, some processed meats, and even processed vegatables.

Iron can also be used in construction purposes. Iron can be molded easily once melted, and can be shaped into almost anything.


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