[2015] Arul Pandit: Wampanoag Tribe

by mitkoff
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American History

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[2015] Arul Pandit: Wampanoag Tribe

ClothingThe women wore knee-length skirts and beaded headbands with feathers. Men would wear dear-skin mantle dresses in the winter, same with women

LocationThey lived in Southern Massachusetts and Rhode Island they were part of the Eastern Woodlands region.

Wampanoag Tribe

Artifacts/Crafts/ToolsSome tools are bows and arrows heavy wooden club spears, and nets for fishing. Some crafts they made were beadwork, wood carvings, and baskets. One artifact that was important to the Wampanoag Tribe was their clay cooking pots.

HomesThey lived in wigwams which were round houses as shown below. Sometimes they had log walls for protection. The wigwams were made out of birch bark and were usualy 8-10 feet tall

Other TribesSome other tribes found in the Eastern Woodlands are the Mohawk, Shawnee, Oneida, Ottowa, and Micmac.



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