Walvis bay

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Walvis bay

Going Kaying could be a dream come true. Being able to spend 14 hours kayaking with some amazing animals!

Kayaking in the blazing sun

So Come to Walvis Bay Now would you like to go on a safari, would you like to go kayaking with seals how about staying on that beautiful peninsula or maybe just soaking up the sun over here in Africa! Well who wouldnt, so do these fun things over in Walvis Bay Nambia!.

So much to do

Now think about this at a latitude of 23.5*s and a longitude of 14.5*e you could be in Walvis Bay, Nambia going on a safairi see so many majestic animals like the elephant. Now think again what could be better than seeing you favorite animal with sun coming directly at you. well if you want this exotic trip come and vistite us down here at Walvis Bay, Nambia!

Visit Walvis Bay Namibia!

lOn December 21 (summer)2015 you could be going to Walvis bay Nambia and the sun would be blazing down on you at a 90* angle as you go kyaking with seals on the longest day of the year! Perfect for all of the exciting activities you want to squeeze in to your day!

If we were the red line you can see that we would be getting direct light

All the Wildlife

This shows how the sun will be when you are there (directly over head).

This would be this pirfect place to stay

North Star



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