Walter White

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Walter White

Walter White

FilmographyWalter white only braking bad shot series

BiographyWalt is a father of 50, professor of chemistry at an institute of Albuquerque, New Mexico . One day , Walt is diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer . His only obsession is to think how you can raise the money to pay support of her family and her future daughter , until they are older . One day , his brother Hank invites you to accompany him to one of his drug busts . In the process of it , he discovers that the producer of methamphetamine who want to stop , is a former student of his , Jesse Pinkman .

Fun FactsWalter studied at California Institute of Technology, which stands out as a brilliant chemist. In 1985 he collaborated on a project of neutron radiography was awarded a Nobel Prize. After graduation, he and his friend Elliott Schwartz, founded the company Gray Matter Technologies. The name of it, Grey Matter is a clever idea they came up merging both surnames: White (white) and Schwartz (black, in German).During that time, Walter had a relationship with Gretchen, her lab assistant. However, one day suddenly breaks up with her and leaves the company, Elliott selling all its shares in the company for just $ 5,000. Later, Gretchen and Elliott marry, and get a great fame and fortune, thanks to Gray Matter and some old Walt projects, something that will make this forever.


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