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Walter Reed

Walter ReedU.s Pathologist and Bacteriologist

#1 Walter Reed graduated from the University of Virginia at the age of 17. He still remains the youngest student to graduate medical school

#3 On May 1st 1909 the Walter Reed Army Medical Center opened and included 7 units

#4 On June 26th 1875 Walter passed his examination for the Army Medical Corps. and commissioned as first lietenant.

#2 There was 22 experimental cases testing the Yellow Fever disease performed bt Walter

Maddie Steed

& TyphoidOutbreak

Yellow Fever Outbreak

#5 He was appointed by the chairs man committee to investigate the typhoid fever in the military camps

Born: September 13th 1851 in Belroi VirginaDied:November 22nd 1902 in Washington D.C ( age 51)


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