Walter Reed

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Walter Reed


After graduation Reed went to New York to beef up his clinical skills, but he hit some roadblocks. He was able to get a job as the assistant sanitary officer for the Brooklyn Borad of Health. Many people were skeptical of Reeds medical knowlegde because he was so young. he didn't care much, so he eventually went to join the U.S. Army Medical Corps.

he's the youngest person to ever to complete an M.D at the University of Virginia's Medical School in July 1869.

Walter Reed

In 1899 Typhoid was a real problem for the army. So the Surgeon General sent a team of army doctors headed by Reed to Cuba to study the disease. Reed and his squad of bacteriologist eventually pinpointed the cause of the Typhoid outbreaks: fecal bacteria and unclean drinking water. Reed returned to washington from Cuba in 1901, and the medical community refered to him as the man who beat yellow fever. he continued to research yellow fever and lecture on bacteriology until his death the next year.

Walter Reed got a hospital named after him.


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