Walter Mitty and Harry Potter

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Walter Mitty and Harry Potter



I chose Harry Potter to compare and contrast with Walter Mitty because Harry Potter seems to have such an interesting life and Walter Mitty just... doesn't. Right there I can come up with a lot of differences. But I took a second to think about why I would choose Harry Potter for similarities, and I actually came up with a lot! Therfore, I can come up with plenty of similarities and differences for Walter Mitty and Harry Potter.

Harry Potter Traits

Walter Mitty Traits

Harry and Walter both did extraordinary things to acheive their goal. (Hardworking)

Harry was chosen to be extraordinary but Walter made the choice to become extraordinary



Both were very determined

Walter Mitty is Imaginative because he day dreams a lot, he is boring because he has a normal life, he is stubborn because he wont give up, he is inattentive because when he daydreams he doesnt pay attention, he is normal because his life is basic with his wife, he is ordinary because his life is regular until he daydreams

Harry had good friends to help him along the way where as Walter did not. (Friendliness)

Both of their lives started out normal/boring then got progessively more interesting (Normal/Abnormal)

Harry Potter is loyal because he never let anybody down, he is kind because he always helps, he is brave because he goes up against his fears, he is adventurous because he explores, he is friendly because he is kind to a lot of people, and he is abnormal because he is a wizard.

They were both Imaginative

Walter also had a slightly normal life where as Harry didnt.

Walter MittyAndHarry Potter

Differences And Similarities

Walter Mitty was inattentive but Harry was attentive

By: Josie DeBoer