Walter hunt

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Walter hunt

Walter Hunt was born in Upstate New York. He was born on July 29th 1796. He invented many inventions such as, a knife sharpener, a sucessful flax spinner and others that are not as famous. He also invented the safety pin. He worked as a farmer in the town of Lowville New York. Walter Hunt tried for alot of different inventions.

The safety pin

The safety pin was created on April 10th, 1849. The safety pin came to Walters mind when he was twisting a wired thinking of a way to pay off a 15 dollar debt. He then sold the safety pin for 400 dollars to the man he owed the money to.

It affected America by helping with wardrobe and keeping fingers safe from injury.

Walter Hunt attempted to make many inventions, but not all worked.The safety pin was one of his most famous inventions. Safety pins used to be called fibulae.

Walter Hunt

Fun facts

How did his invention affect America?

Saftey pin



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