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Walter Elias Disney

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A lovable Entertainer and Entrepreneur known throughoutthe world who has a special placein history and in everyone's heart.

Character TraitsWalt Disney always grew up being ambitious! He was a very optimistic person and as he began to grow up, his love for entertainment and art grew. As a young child he would make and sell his art to his neighbors, therefore starting his spark for entertainment and making people happy. He continued this love of his and was always drawing and animating at any spare time! He was very talented compared to other students although he wasn't much of a scholar. Paying attention in class was one of his hardest things to learn. His father, Elias Disney, got angry at him a lot of times. Even through the hard times Walt would be ecstatic. Overall, he was a fun, loving person!

Walter Elias Disney


Significant MomentsWalt had many significant moments in his life! (Included in the timeline below.) These moments include making up his first original character, Oswald. Another one includes him opening and investing in his new studio with his brother Roy, his friend Ub Iwerks, and an investor M.B. Winklers. Opening the studio was so exciting for Walt! Walt later married a young woman named Lillian, who also could help in the studio! After the company broke down Walt came up with a new character named Mickey Mouse, one of the most important moments of his life! In 1955 his dream came true and he entertained hundreds of people at the opening of Disneyland! No one had seen anything like it!Lastly, not to mention Walt has earned 22 oscars out of 59 nominations! These were some of the most important parts of his life!

Major ObstaclesWalt had to start his first two years of his life in the crime-filled streets of Chicago when jobs were scarce. His family moved to Marceline, Missouri.Walt's next obstacle was getting away with his love for entertainment. His father was a serious figure and wanted Walt to be a wonderful student with his three brothers and one sister. Walt was more dazzled by entertainment than the strict school routine. In entertainment anything could happen! When he was in his teenage years he dropped out of highschool to join the army but he was too young. Walt then got a job in France to drive ambulance. When he came back to Chicago he started a job on the train selling food and other necessities. He tried out for few jobs as a newspaper artist but he couldn't make it. Instead he got a job making ads for movie theatres. He then eventually became an entrepreneur and started the Disney company. He, his brother, and Ub Iwerks were investing in this new-found business. They eventually started making process with their first character Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. They were finally having success when one of their investors stole the rights to Oswald along with all of Walt's workers. Times were tough for the Disneys. They started a new character named Mortimer Mouse. (Walt's wife changed the name to Mickey Mouse later on.) Soon after launching the first to Mickey mouse cartoons a businessman in New York called and lead a deal to add sound and to invest in Walt's company. Steamboat Willie came out after they agreed on the tactics. Walt's business skyrocketed! They produced more cartoons that were now being shown before movies in the theatre. Walt's brother found out that M.J. Winklers, the businessman, was keeping two thirds of Walt's income from cartoons. The deal was now off. With the money they produced they bought back Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. These unfortunate events lead to growing the business, so all turned well! Walt started Disneyland and made many people happy! At the age 63 Walt was diagnosed with lung cancer. Walt would usually smoke so his body was weak. The Disneys had been so happy, it was so depressing at this time. After all the pain Walt died at the age of 65. These were some important obstacles Walt had to face.

InfluencesWhen young Walt wasn't doing farmwork or helping out his mother he was entertaining people! When Walt was in the 5th grade he discovered his favorite movie star Charlie Chapman. Charlie influenced much of Walt's life. He was always so engaged in performances, and that's when he decided he wanted to entertain people too! His mother was also always was encouraging Walt to pursue his dreams even if his father disagreed.

Walt Disney would always stop the animating crew to review the storyboard & make sure everything is perfect!

Walt Disney's first feature length animated film was Snow White!

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1901-Walt's Birth

1920-Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

1928- Mickey Mouse

1923- Walt Disney starts Walt Disney Studios in a small apartment.

1925-Walt marries Lillian Francis

1955- Disneyland opens

1966-Walt Disney's Death

1901-1966December 5th