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Walter Dean Myers

MonsterBy: Walter Dean Myers

BiographyWalter Dean Myers was born on Aguest 12th 1937. Walter has just pasted away this past year 2014.The first published book writen by Walter was Where Does the Day Go? His book Monster won him his first Michael L. Printz Award.When he was in high school his English teacher said to keep writing no matter what because she saw how good he was. Later when things were so good in Walters life, he rember this and started writing about it, and many other things

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InterestingsFacts-Born in 1937-Died 2014-First book was Where Does the Day Go?

Monster by Walter Dean Myers is a thrilling story of murder, betrayal, and the cold, hard, truth. Meet Steve. Steve Harmon is a boy of just sixteen who has been put on trial for felony and murder

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His first book!

Another Book by Walter!


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