Walter Baade

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Walter Baade

His studies enabled him to recalculate the size of the known universe, doubling the previous calculation made by Hubble in 1929

Together with Fritz Zwicky, he identified supernovas as a new category of astronomical objects. Zwicky and he also proposed the existence of neutron stars, and proposed that supernovae could create neutron stars.

Named After HimAsteroid 1501 Baade The crater Baade (Moon) Vallis Baade, (valley) on the Moon One of the two Magellan telescopes The asteroid 966 Muschi, after his wife's nickname.

Wilhelm Heinrich Walter Baade

March 24, 1893 -June 25, 1960 (aged 67)

Fritz Zwickey

Walter Baade classified stars into two different types: Population-I (hot, younger blue stars) and Population-II (cool, older red stars).


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