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Walt Whitman

Walt Whitman

I faced many hardships in my life but, I continued on and became a great poet and achieved my personal life Goals

CHILEDHOODWalt was born on May 31st, 1819 on Long Island, NY. In 1823 Walt and his family moved to Brooklyn. When Whitman was arouned ten years old he was taken out of school to help support the family. In 1833 Walt and his family move back to Long Island and Walt becomes a part of several newspapers in New York.

Walt as a Poet"Oh Captian My Captian" is one of his most famous poems as if analized can be seen that the poem is actully about Lincoln. This is one reasone everyone liked his writing so much. The need to study the text and even bring on your own inerpretations to every piece of writing.

Walts HardshipsAt age 11 Walt was taken out of shool to work and earn money for his family. On July 11th, 1855 Whitmans Father dies. This took a huge blow on Walts emotional state. In the December of 1862 Walts brother George is injured in battle durring the civil war. Walt has to head down to virginia to help him out.In 1873 Walt suffers from a stroke and his mother dies. As you can see there was a lot holding Walt back from his dreams!

Oh Captian My Captian

Walts SignifiganceHe was a huge insperation to many people as he overcame many obsticals. Despited his hardships he was able to become one of the greatest poets ever. He also inspired poets everywere with his amazing writing skills. His way of writing makes you think and can be interpereted in different ways.


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