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Walt Whitman

"A Boston Ballad, 1854" by Walt WhitmanTone: The tone of this poem is patriotic and excited. This tone helps make this poem powerful by using words such as "love" and constantly mentioning the President and how he "must stand and see the show". Beauty shines through in this poem in lines like "A fog follows-antiques of the same come limping," and "If you blind your eyes with tears, you will not see the President's marshal,". These words evoke feeling and create a visual.Connotation: "Why this is indeed a show! It has called the dead out of the earth! The old grave-yards of the hills have hurried to see! Phantoms! phantoms countless by flank and rear! Cock'd hats of mothy mould! crutches made of mist! Arms in slings!Old men leaning on young men's shoulders!" I believe the connotation of this passage is one that shows that this parade in Boston is a powerful one that can do many things. The beauty comes from the pahntoms he sees as well as the mist.Catalogue: The quote above also shows Whitman's use of catlogue in his peoms. he creates a list events that are happening. This creates a detailed image for the reader. What a student could learn: A foreign student coule learn that in America we are prideful and patrotic and we fight hard.

Walt Whitman Poetry Exhibit

Serina Peña and Kristen KellyPeriod 1

"A woman Waits for Me" by Walt Whitman

Tone: The tone of this poem is obviously very sexual but also freeing. I believe the tone and nature of this poem was very ahead of it's time. Not many poems showed women in quite a sensual light. The women mentioned bring the beauty to this poem.Catalogue: Throughout this whole poem Whitman uses catalogue. he lists the way women can free him and make him see things differently. It shows that they are powerful and strong.Parallel Structure: Throuighout the poem there is a parallel structure. It is very descriptive and doesn't stray from what the point is. Woman are strong, beautiful, sexual beings. As well as men.Why this should be read: The student should still read this because it gives you an insight as to what this man felt us woman were. The power we hold. if you are girl I would suggest it even more.

"Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall far behind."(source: http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/w/walt_whitman.html)

Coates, E. C. "West Point" This picture shows Whitmans love for nature and the beuaty it holds.

"American Pride" by AlabamaAmerican pride, something you feel insideSomething you can't describe American prideDad said, "Son I'm proud you wonBut the game is more than any toy"Mama said, "Now son say sir and say ma'amAnd be proud you're southern born"


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