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Walt Disney

Passport: Name: Walt Elias Disney Born: December 5th 1901 Died: December 15th 1966 Hair colour: Brown Eye colour: Brown Age: 65 Born in: Chicago Hight: 1.78m Family: Diane Disney, Lillian Disney and Roy Disney.

The first full length movie that was ever made was made by Walt Disney and it was Walt Disney's classic Snow Wight and the Seven Dwarfs. He also made 'Arial The Movie', he made all the drawing's and all the voices all by him self.

Walt Disney made Mickey Mouse, Minney Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Daisy Duck and Pluto the Dog.

INTROHello 4Y and Mrs Young. For this project we got told to research some one who chainged the world so I chose Walt Disney. In total the amount of movies that he ever made is 984 movies.

CONCLUSION In conclusion, I demand that you like more Mickey Mouse videos and to have fun waching them.Thank you for listaning.

Here is a short video of what the Mickey Mouse films might look like now.

This is the first film of Mickey Mouse ever seen.

Walt Disney

Walt Disney changed the world by making animated movies and short films.


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