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Walt Disney

Did You Know...- Mickey Mouse's original name was "Mortimer".- For a couple of years, Disney held the patent for Technicolor, making him the only person allowed to make color films.- The Disney World Resort is about the same size as San Fransicso.- Disney's favorite character was Goofy.- Walt Disney was the orignal voice of Mickey Mouse.

CHARACTER TRAITSDETERMINED - Once he sets a goal he works hard to achieve it. Example is when he needed money to build Disneyland. He produced TV shows to help raise money to build Disneyland.TALENTED- Oscar wining cartoonist and movie makerCREATIVE - Created Mickey Mouse which led to making Disneyland and the Disney empire.

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TIMELINEBorn in December 5, 1901 in Chicago, IL1925 - Gets married1928 - Creates Mickey Mouse1954 - Creates the Disneyland TV show on ABC and appears as its hostJuly 17, 1955 - Walt opens Disneyland in AnaheimDecember15, 1966 - Dies in Burbank, CA

Accomplishments Walt had many accomplishments. For example, his first Mickey Mouse movie was called Plane Crazy. The first sound movie with Mickey Mouse is in the Jazz Singer in 1927. He also created his first cartoon with sound was Steamboat Willie. Mickey Mouse was making whistles and Minnie was saying Yoo-Hoo. Everyone loved it so much. Since everyone loved it the theaters created a club called Mickey mouse club. In this club you would watch thousands of Mickey mouse cartoons and say the pledge " Mickey Mouse does not swear, smoke, cheat or lie." Mickey Mouse got so popular they started selling items that had Mickey's picture on it. There were also comic strips of Mickey Mouse in 40 Newspapers. In 1930, during the Great Depression, Walt made a movie called Silly Symphonies. Walt won an Academy Award for Flower and Trees because it was the first film to be shot in Technicolor. In 1937, Walt's first full length movie was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The movie won a special Academy Award. Today. this movie is still a hit. In 1937, Walt was put on the cover of Time Magazine.

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BIOGRAPHYWalt Disney was born in December 5, 1901. The place he was born was Chicago, IL. Walt Disney died in December 15, 1966 and the place he died was Burbank, CA. Growing up was very tough for Walt Disney. The family was really poor. The family move every few years to find work. Walt's father was very stern. He got mad very often. In 1906 Walt lived on a farm. He was responsible for the pigs . Walt didn't go to school until seven years old. In 1911 the family had to leave the farm. The family moved to Kansas city. The house had no indoor plumbing. But the house was located next to a amusement park. Walt work for his dad. He had to get up really in the morning. As a boy Walt love performing comedy and loved drawing cartoons. Walt's drawings were really popular. That is why Walt made, as you know '"Mickey Mouse''.

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