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Walt Disney

Walt Disney

Disney received the first oscar for an animation cartoon for Mickey Mouse.Walt ended up winning over 20 Academy Awards and seven Emmy Awards.He created Disneyland and Disneyworld which both are still popular today.Disney also was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom which is the nation's highest civilian honor.


Walt Disney is the son of Elias and Flora Disney. He was born in 1901. When he was five, Disney and his family moved to Missouri to live on a farm. This was the birthplace of his imagination. After many years, Walt formed the Disney Brothers' Studios. He began creating his cartoon characters, like Mickey Mouse, who became a huge hit. Disney received many awards for his characters. Walt also decided to create theme parks to go along with his characters. In 1966, Disney passed away from lung cancer.


1901- Birth1906- Family moves to Missouri1923- Forms Disney Brothers' Studios1925- Marries Lillian Bonds1928- Creates Mickey Mouse1938- Mother dies1955 - Opens Disneyland 1966- Death

Disney greatly influenced the motion picture and entertainment industry. He created the first sound cartoon. Walt is historically significant because he shaped the world of animation with his films.

DifferenceHe Made


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A real world connection to Disney would be Bill Gates. Bill Gates created Microsoft which shaped the computer world like Disney shaped the animation world.

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