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Walt Disney

Walt Disney was born December 5, 1901 in Chicago Illinois. He has three older brothers and one sister. When he was four he moved to a farm in Missouri. Walt spent most of his childhood in Missouri. Walt married one of his employee's Lilly Bound. Walt started making cartoon's. Everyone started to like the cartoon's. Walt and Lilly adopted Shanon, 1937 and had Diare 1933. 1928 Walt began his most popular character Mickey Mouse. Seven-hundered amy soldiers took over the stodio. Walt made cartoon's for them. Walt died of lung cancer December 15, 1966


1901 - December 5th in Chicaago Walt was born1923 - Walt and brother Roy started Disney Brothers in California1925 - Married Lilly Bounds1928 - Mickey Mouse was made1932 - receives first Academy Award Oscar1937 - Snow White and Seven Dawfs created1966 - Dies of lung cancer December 15age: 65

Walt accomplished alot of things. First, Walt made Mickey Mouse. Second, Walt started making cartoon's. He started Disney Broyhers Studio in 1923. Last, he made Disney World. Walt is very important.

Lasting Impact

Walt Disney is known for making Disney world and cartoon's.


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Walt Disney



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