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Walt Disney

Walt Disney

Walt Disney made animations, movies, shows, and short films. He was an american entrepreneur, cartoonist, animator, voice actor, and film producer.

Walt Disney is worth 5 billion US$ (2015)

He created the first cartoon in color and to win an oscar.In 1932, he received his first Academy Award for Best short subject: Cartoons. The studio created one of the first specifically children’s shows – The Mickey Mouse Club. Created disney land and the company Walt Disney Pictures.

The first comapny he made with Ub Iwerk called, Newman's Laugh-O-Grams, was soon bankrupt. Walt Disney began his most ambitious project whch was to make a full length animated feature film. Many expected it to be a commercial failure. Walt Disney had lung cancer.In 1941, Disney also had to deal with a major strike by his writers and animators. After America’s entry into the Second World War in 1941, this ‘golden age’ of animation faded and the studio struggled as it made unprofitable propaganda films.

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Walt disney's charcater mickey mouse was originally named Mortimer Mouse. Walt Disney joined the amrican red cross during world war 1.

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